Historie TÚDC

Technical Centre of Infrastructure

Initial Technical Centre (TU) was established by order of the Minister of Transport no. 47 dated September 16, 1957 with effect from 1 July 1957 and its task was to cater to the operating activities section, which forms an integral part of the operational tasks of railway transport. They were design engineering, standardization, standardization, unification construction of railway vehicles, their parts and components, technical conditions for the production of basic technical equipment of railway traffic, fundamental regulations for their operation, maintenance and servicing. In 1958, the scope of technical exchanges extended to industry-wide scope in the field of railway transport.

Technical Centre, as we know it today, was established on 1 9th 1993 as Technical Centre Infrastructure (TÚDC) and later with effect from 1 4th, 2005, the new name for the Technical Centre of Czech Railways (TÚČD) as an organizational unit Czech Railways, which was included in the Deputy DG transport route. As part of organizational changes and due to the acquisition of a part of Czech Railways This was an organizational unit to July 1, 2008 were transferred from ČD on the Railway Infrastructure Administration, state organization (RIA) and adopted the name of his old-new Technical Centre Infrastructure (TÚDC).

TÚDC is now incorporated into the Deputy Director General for Railways uptime and ensure network-wide technical competence diagnostics and measurement across the full spectrum of railway infrastructure and other technical services for the railway infrastructure in all stages of its development, construction and operation. It has implemented a quality management system according to ISO 9001: 2000 and certified information security system in accordance with ISO / IEC 27001: 2005 in the field of diagnostics and maintenance of railway infrastructure. Performance TÚDC subject matter is provided through four divisions and field offices. All sections and branch offices TÚDC have common economic and administrative service. Activities and services that TÚDC ensures that in many cases are also utilized for external needs, mimodrážních companies and organizations, particularly in the construction and modernization of railways, manufacturing, supply and installation of products and equipment intended for rail traffic.

The activities of the individual segments:

Section of automation and telecommunication equipment (UATT) provides services in the field of railway signaling, telecommunications and automation technology in terms of validation and testing of new devices, diagnostics and measurement of operating equipment, performance management of telecommunications assets and documentation, and development of standards and operating rules, methodological and technical support .
Stretch of tracks and buildings (ÚTAB) provides expert service and facilities for the needs of branch lines and buildings on CD, with a network-wide scope. The main emphasis is primarily on the diagnosis of the superstructure and substructure, bridges, quality control of materials and labor and the preparation and implementation of new designs, features and technologies into traffic lanes. It also cooperates with executive and organizational units SŽDC
Section of Electrical Engineering (UEE) provides expert service and facilities for the needs of industry Electrical Engineering at RIA, with a network-wide scope. The main emphasis is primarily on the diagnosis and measurement of electrical and power equipment, and a powerful metrology for the preparation and implementation of new designs, features and technologies into operation RIA.

Within the scope of professional performs TÚDC particular the following tasks:

  • diagnostic and operational measuring the state of track, overhead lines, selected media, security and automation equipment, electrical and power equipment, measuring radio networks, including GSM-R and other specialized measurements in the field of railway infrastructure
  • testing new equipment, systems and technologies, transport routes and their technical approval and introduction into service RIA
  • Management of the railway telecommunication assets ČD and SŽDC
  • Solutions selected tasks of research and development in the field of railway telematics focusing on the use of satellite navigation rail traffic
  • creation and publishing deployment of leaves, their registration, updating and distribution, including management of a central registry boot sheets communications and security technology and metrology
  • monitoring and evaluation of operational reliability of selected structural elements lines of communication, security and automation systems and equipment Electrical Engineering
  • certification activities under the accreditation and authorization RIA or other institutions
  • carrying out audits of specialized departments and internal and external suppliers
  • technical inspections and testing of electrical equipment intended for technical
  • visitatorial surveillance and inspection activities designed for non-electrical technical equipment and selected technical equipment
  • Coordination of international activities and participation of representatives TÚDC in international organizations and at international meetings
  • coordination functions in addressing legislative and regulatory actions and technical development in the field of railway infrastructure and other areas of activity RIA.
  • recording, archiving, updating and distribution of the type and binding operational and technical documentation in particular in the field of railway infrastructure
  • selected activities in the field of applied software programs for managing devices Infrastructure – passport systems
  • manage and update the basic localization dial M12
  • creation and management of graphic and geographic IS – topological schemes tracks (TSK), a digital overview map (DPM), and thematic maps of the railway route
  • MD representing the transmission of data on road traffic Cuzco
  • a network-wide application security methodology, supervision and management activities in the field of construction, operation and maintenance, fault diagnosis moving rail vehicles
  • checking the technical documentation of safety devices, especially baffles tables, mostly in connection with the construction and reconstruction of railway infrastructure
  • adjustment of track circuits and eliminating improper function security devices already in use
  • testing the functions of newly built safety devices before they are put into operation, carrying out safety evaluations of new designs of safety devices, or their changes
  • carrying out measurements related to the TC and the return path traction currents, carrying out technical inspections and tests after modifications, changes and renovations of safety devices
  • providing a powerful metrology laboratories and methodical management of metrology Metrology by many CDs and RIA and providing calibration and repair of electrical and mechanical measuring instruments and gauges, including special railway gauges
  • professional activities in the field of technology and mechanization of track work
  • certification of eligibility for grinding traversed parts of switches, eligibility for partial dismantling and assembling the jaw lock VZ 200, eligibility contractor for execution of works ASP accurate method of data measured using a measuring device PPK
  • assessment structures and project documentation in terms of risk management in accordance with EC no. 352/2009
  • cooperation with universities and other organizations and institutions outside the ČD and RIA, see above